From patient to provider to hospital, PXB provides the end-to-end solution to close the gap between patient expectations on exceptional care to the hospital providing their care.

Improve your hospital's HCAHP survey results through real-time patient service recovery

Syncs with your EMR

Seamless and secure integration with your existing EMR system

Manage care teams and patients

Layer’s care team and patient data for insights into the patient care experience

Get enhanced first-hand feedback

Get instant and real-time feedback on the hospital, doctors, and nurses

Why PXB?

Stop negative reviews before they happen by enabling your patients to provide real-time feedback with PXB. Equip your care teams with the tools necessary to recover negative patient experiences and increase your HCAHPS scores. When it comes to patient feedback, providers are in the dark. Empower your providers with correct attribution and timely feedback

How it works

Launch PXB in your hospital, activate patient downloads through our co-branded marketing materials

Through the app patients can provide real-time feedback on nurses, doctors, and the facility throughout their stay.

Using the PXB admin portal, activate patient recoveries when less than favorable feedback is captured.

Through real-time feedback and activated recoveries improve overall patient satisfaction in your hospital.

PXB Features

Admin Portal

Extract valuable insights from patient feedback in real-time and empower your health care teams to improve patient satisfactions scores

  • Nurse Feedback Scores
  • Doctor Feedback Scores
  • Hospital Feedback Scores
  • PXB Score

Patient App Feature

A simple, yet robust platform for hospitalized patients to use


Provide easy, real-time, feedback to Doctors, Nurses, and the Hospital with correct attribution

My Care Team

All Care Team members who are managing each patient’s care, with individual profiles

Hospital History

History of hospitalizations at hospitals where the patient was able to use

Our Team

The PX Boost company foundation is built from an original concept by Suj to deliver exceptional care to patients and provide them a platform to give real-time actionable feedback. After bringing Andrew and Jim into the picture to provide Technology, Hospital Workflows, and Cybersecurity, the PXBoost patient app began its transformation into a powerful patient and Hospital tool.

Suj Sundararaj

CEO & Co-Founder, MD MBA
  • Over 20 years of acute hospital based clinical and administrative experience
  • Passion for Patient Experience
  • Track record of demonstrable Hospital Based performance improvement

Jim Swanson

CIO & Co-Founder, CISSP
  • Over 17 years of proven Healthcare IT Leadership
  • xperience from small not for profit to large academic Healthcare organizations
  • Passion about providing Technology solutions and guidance that enhance patient care and drive workflows that allow care teams to focus on delivering patient care.

Andrew Bennington

CTO & Co-Founder
  • Over 12 years of experience in Technology and Software development
  • Diverse background in Product Management and Solution Architecture
  • Passionate about user experience and scalable software solutions